Tapp Water Filter

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Tapp is a self-cleaning, zero-maintenance water filter designed for some of the toughest environments on earth: disaster relief and international development projects.


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Material Specifications
State-of-the-art hollow-fibre filtration membranes from the medical industry
Constructed from food-grade, ultra-durable, BPA-free copolyester

Performance Specifications
Bacteria: over 99.9999% removal
Protozoa: over 99.99% removal
Viruses: typically 90-99%, but variable
Particulates: removed
Chemicals (e.g. salt): not removed

Product Specifications
Filter weight: 108g (3.8 oz)
Dimensions: ø 4cm x 15.2 cm (ø 1.6 in x 6 in)
Filter pore size: 0.2 microns
Flow rate: up to 3 cups per minute (700 ml/min)
Design life: 3 years

Each package contains
Tapp water filter
Hose (1.2 m/3.9 ft)
Hose clip


Pricing in USD

Contact us for volume pricing